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Aftermarket AFS Products and Solutions

Trimble Displays:

Electric Steer

  • 12.1” android based touch screen display
  • 1 video camera input
  • 1 Built in GPS receiver
  • GLONASS compatibility
  • Assisted steering (EZ-Pilot, EZ-Steer, Autopilot Motor Drive)
  • Automated steering (Autopilot)
  • Implement steering control (True Tracker, True Guide)
  • Next Swath
  • Row guidance
  • ISOBUS support
  • Green Seeker
  • Water Management
  • Select yield monitoring capabilities
  • Precision IQ

XCN-1050 and NAV-900
XCN-1050 and NAV-900
The XCN-1050 Display System is the newest addition to the precision farming lineup.
  • 10.1” android based touch screen display
  • 1 video camera input
  • Nav-900 roof mounted guidance controller/GNSS receiver
  • GLONASS compatibility
  • Upgradeable to RTK accuracy
  • Assisted steering (Autopilot Motor Drive)
  • Automated steering (Autopilot)
  • Precision IQ
  • Field IQ basic rate and section control
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible

FM 750

Versatile and Expandable
  • 8” touch screen display
  • 1 video camera input
  • 1 built in GPS receiver
  • GLONASS compatible
  • Upgradeable to RTK accuracy
  • Assisted steering (EZ-Pilot, EZ-Steer)
  • Field IQ (2 products)
  • Select yield monitoring capabilities

Trimble Autopilot

Trimble Autopilot
Add the components for hands free steering to nearly any vehicle, installs directly into the hydraulic system for the ultimate in accuracy and control.
  • Utilizes the Nav II/Nav III controller, display, receiver, and is tied into the vehicles steering hydraulics
  • Kits are available for most makes and models of combines, tractors, sprayers, swathers, and floaters.
  • Can tie into most factory plumbed vehicles
  • Guidance Patterns available: A+, AB, Headland, Curve, Free Form, and Pivot
  • T3 terrain compensation (roll, pitch and yaw)
  • Utilizes a steering angle sensor
  • Compatible Displays: XCN-2050, XCN-1050, FM-1000, FM-750, EZ-Guide 500
  • If using the XCN-2050 or FM-1000 with Autopilot you can add implement steering to the implement (True Guide or True Tracker)

Field IQ Product Control

The Trimble® Field-IQ™ crop input control system enables productive and efficient functionality for your planting and nutrient and pest management operations.
  • Product control and monitoring
  • Control up to 4 different products
  • Control up to 48 sections
  • Applications: planting, spraying, NH3 application, self propelled sprayer, dry spreader, strip till, and liquid
  • Allows for variable rate application

Farmers Edge

Farmers Edge
Farmers Edge, a leader in independent agriculture data management has partnered with Vetter Equipment to provide our customers, with a hardware and software solution to increase productivity. They provide daily weather reports from your own weather station, satellite images, and in cab modem for real-time data backups. Add that to a great web interface that provides valuable tools and features to visualize your data, combined with soil sampling to get real "boots on the ground" service.
  • Simplifies Data Collection, Data Organization, and VRT recommendations
  • Smart Solution
  • Weather Station
  • Equipment manager: Track your fleet and track performance
  • Farm Command
  • Smart VR Solution
  • Productivity zones built on field variability
  • Zone soil sampling
  • VRT/Prescriptions

Precision Planting

Precision Planting
Vetter Equipment is a Precision Planting Certified Dealer. We carry Precision Planting Products for Case IH, John Deere, Kinze, and White planters. We provide operational training upon installation so you know your ready when its time to go to the field.
  • 20/20 Seed Sense
  • Delta Force
  • vDrive
  • Speed Tube
  • vSet Select
  • vDrive Insecticide
  • vSet Meters
  • Keeton Seed Firmers
  • eSets


From header height sensors and autosteer row guidance to advanced control systems and radar height control, we continue to push the limits of technology.
  • Header height control systems
    • Grain heads
    • Corn heads
  • Row guidance control systems
    • TrueSight and TrueSight 2
    • Kits available for most combines and heads
    • Can be displayed and operated through the combine display VT
    • Steers to the corn row, no guidance line necessary